E-Bin Technology

E-Bin is a digital composter device which has three containers sitting on top of each other. The first bin acts as a green (garbage) bin and once it reaches 1.5 liter of its capacity, the contents automatically goes to the second one which is the composter bin and whole the transformation process takes place in the second container.

The third bin is the container to store the compost.

The power to run the process is provided by electricity and/or a solar battery. There are 2 filters and 3 gears in the second bin which facilitates the conversion.

The device could be available in two sizes:

E-Mini-Bin: household usage, capacity: 1.5 kg, dimensions 90x30x25 cm

E- Mega-Bin: industrial usage, capacity: 8 kg, dimensions 130x80x40 cm

Household Food Waste in Canada
  • National Zero Waste Council conducted a survey in 2022 regarding household food waste in Canada and the council has reported that for the average Canadian household that amounts to 140 kilograms of wasted food per year – at a cost of more than $1,300 per year!
  • FoodCycler reports that food waste produces methane gas which is 25 times worse than Co2 for the environment.Leachate is generated by food waste in landfills which cause drastic water and soil pollution.



Various Options

E-Bin is a smart device that converts food waste into compost. It can be available in a household size  (E- Mini-Bin) or industrial size (E- Mega-Bin).

What is E-Bin?

Smart Garbage Bin

Considering the recycling of food waste, E-Bin team came to the idea to transform the unavoidable green garbage to compost both in household and industrial scale.

Secondary Heading

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E-Bin Features

  • E-Bin is a hybrid device using both solar energy and electricity.
  • The filters are anti-odour and seal almost all of odours and dust.
  • The first compartment has a smart sensor to weigh the content and insert it to the second compartment.